Wine: a noble, rich world, but sometimes austere, intimidating and – we cannot lie – perhaps a little snobbish.

Reds, whites, sparkling, the Baron Maxime wines can all claim detailed tasting notes on their length of favour or their tannic structure …. but what is important is the pleasure they give.

An impromptu evening with friends gathered around a cheese board, a flying cork generates laughter, a fresh fish from the market accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine…..

Baron Maxime is there for those precious moments



Fashion is ephemeral, but style is eternal.


True nobility is about sharing an art of living.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

“Léonard de Vinci”


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead

where there is no path and leave a trail.”

“Ralph Waldo Emerson’’


Often poorly understood, blending is one of the most crucial steps in making wine. It is the moment when the producer makes their choice, to express their personality and refine the taste that they want their wine to have. There are different grape varieties or several different parcels of vines at an estate, which are traditionally harvested and vinified in separate vats. When the vinification of each vat is finished, blending can begin, which involved a judicious blending of the different vats.

And what if you want to open up a much wider range of possibilities? Overturn the rules to maximise pleasure. This is the ambition behind Baron Maxime.

It is solely pleasure that motivates Maxime Double and which is why he decided to break free of the restraining conventions of traditional blending. Why not simply blend different wines for their innate qualities without geographical constraints? Why not invent a wine that you really want to make?

Like an alchemist, a great chef or a master perfumer who works patiently adding, tasting, searching until they achieve the result they want. Maxime’s creed is not to rule out any combination in striving to give maximum pleasure.

Gambling is risky in this world where tradition dominates. Ours is patient work but one helped by searchers for the key that will unlock the secret, and of course, by its wine-maker and his sister who knows how to make his mad ideas a reality. His first creation, L’Eclectique 2009 that was a blend of wines from three different estates (Chiateauneuf-du-Pape, Pauillac and Coteaux d’Aix en Provence) is an eloquent example.

A mad gamble, risky gamble but …. a successful one! The proof is in the glass!


To give nobility to your evenings Baron Maxime lends you his –
The lighter version is so much easier to wear !
We wear it with everything particulalry with a glass of Baron Maxine. Its elegance will enhance even the simplest outfits and make the most sophisticated sublime.

Naturally we wear it when making a toast ! Did you know that serious studies of weddings have shown that wearing a crown increases the impact of a speech by over 70%.

We don’t wear the crown when in a bad mood, when we are bored or when falling asleep in front of the TV. Show a little respect !

We wear it sometimes in the style of a straw hat slightly tilted to one side for a wonderful garden party, sometimes on the back of the head to give a clear view, or over your forehead to increase your aura of mystery when on a romantic date.




Who am I? Hello, Buenos Dias, Konnichiwa … export is my domain! At Wines Tree, I am mainly in charge of the logistics and the shipping of our divine nectar overseas. Send me your order, it will be processed within a minute … Challenges are accepted!

What I like : Synchronized swimming for the glamourous side, and roller skating.



Who am I? I’m the “Madam Yes” of the company. As the Chief of the operations, I organize, I plan, I search, I create, I check, I validate… I make sure that everything is fine and intertwined properly.

What I like : the truth, Sergei Polunin dancing on “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, modern architecture, music of the 80’s, sour candies, challenges.



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What I like : I’m a ” music addict ‘‘. Not a day goes by without letting my mind hover with the rhythm of good sounds, and notes. Music is the soundtrack to my life. The sight, the hearing and the smell are the three senses that touch me the most and that make my life so delicious …



Who am I? I am, in a way, the ambassador of the brand for restaurant and wine professionals such as wine merchants or wholesalers. Thanks to our network of agents, I ensure the promotion of our different wines during tours that take me across France.

What I like : Vauban and the Art of siege, the songs of Eddy Mitchell and the artwork of Klimt! And of course: great movies, the exegesis of the Bible, the Middle East and spaghetti with clams.



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