The inspiration comes from the grape variety and the pleasure it can give. A bottle ‘the inspired’ is the companion one loves to have, someone who is always faithful. One pulls the cork without too much reflection to give immediate pleasure. Alone or with a friend: a glass on returning home after a day’s work with the daily playlist in the background. To share: as an aperitif with good friends or to continue through an impromptu meal.


French because audacious, a little provocative and even a little humorous. French because he will seek out the best across the whole country. French because across European France he will make his compatriots proud and happy. French, among our international friends they will find a blend of all they love about our beautiful France. In short, French because…. « French’ly’ » well! Allow yourself to be transported by the flavours, focusing on the surprise and enchanting pleasures on your taste buds.


L’Eclectique … UFO for sure, isolated for others
L’Eclectique is an encounter…. audacious, unique, almost forbidden.
The heart that gives him life: the blend; his blood: the most prestigious French terroirs; cholesterol: preconceived ideas.
L’Eclectique is a limited edition, unique. Each vintage has its own special genes. L’Eclectique comes solely from its own special alchemy, a special favourite!
You love the wines from our brilliant appellations. L’Eclectique invites you to rediscover them blended together, married, but for the better. Dare with l’Eclectique and have a happy journey in France.


Coming soon !


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